Who we are: loving life and living the dream in 2019

AngleTwitch Morris sprang into life  in 2012 with an eclectic programme of dance and music, which never fails to entertain.

What's in a name?

Angletwitch is from the Middle English period (angletwitche) derived from the Old English angletwicce.

Angletwitch is an obsolete but charming word first used in the 14th century (the same century the band was born) and used in Devon and Cornwall.  Meaning: a worm, as used in fishing bait. Most references imply a 'fast wriggling' worm which we have interpreted as a 'worm of the fast moving dragon type'. This outrageous and unfounded manipulation of the English language has, in turn, guided the design of our logo as a twisted dragon - and we hope you will find many of our dances 'fast moving' if not fire breathing.

History and ethos

While the style of the team is based on the Welsh Border morris tradition, there is more than a passing nod to Cotswold and Molly.  The same goes for the band, who like to wander away from the traditional, given half a chance, though where to is anyones guess.  If we like something we do it. That's how we roll and rules are made to be broken in AngleTwitch's view!

AngleTwitch Morris include both men and women (transgender welcome) and we perform mostly Welsh Border dances derived from those recorded in the counties of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. 

Over time these simple dances, traditionally performed by horny handed sons of the soil, have become embellished and changed  so there are now many variants performed by border sides throughout the UK, indeed the world. We also perform one or two dances based on the Cotswold tradition just because we like them, not to mention several of our own creation. 

While Morris dancing may seem an historical oddity, it is in fact a live and dynamic dance form, always recreating itself as new generations add and improve the dance catalogue.

We have been described as the rainbow side because we wear tatter (or rag) jackets in a variety of colours, brilliantly adorned hats, colourful faces and every member has a sunny disposition. Fact.