Why not join AngleTwitch Morris?

Let's face it, what do you do on a Tuesday evening? 

Watch the tele?  Potter in the garden?  Scratch the dog's ear?  There is more to life.  A life which keeps you fit and mentally alert. A life which entertains and thrills strangers. A life of shared enjoyment and companionship. A life of unexpected delights.  A life of Morris dancing!

What are the particular set of skills a Morris dancer needs:

* Some hat design ability

* Being able to carry off unusual clothing with ease

* Wearing a painted face with elan

* Stick throwing and catching with accuracy

* Enjoying visiting new places

* A sense of rhythm and plenty of energy

* A drive to dance or play and have fun doing it

* A full set of functioning limbs

AngleTwitch is a small team that would love to be bigger.  A genuine welcome is offered to any potential dancer or musician.

If you think you would like to give us a try you can usually find us in , Banstaple, Devon on a Tuesday evening from 7.00pm to 9.00pm, especially between late September and Easter.  If we're not there we're probably out dancing!

Not sure?  Why not come and give it a go - no obligation or commitment in trying it out.

Contact us by E-mail.