Booking AngleTwitch

Weddings, WI meetings, Stag/Hen Parties, Fetes, Barmitzvahs, St George's day celebrations, workshops - we do 'em all.

So now you can mix style with a splash of colour and mayhem to your social occasion! 

Day events cost between £100 and £125

Evening events cost between £45 and £60

Corporate events cost between £250 and £500

International events and tours: POA

Morris swinger group meets: POA

Yes you read it right, what fantastic value!

For that you get a mix of two dance displays of 20-30 minutes each, interval music, a community/group dance experience (if wanted) plus the physical and colour presence of the leading Morris team in the south west.  A talk on the history of Morris dancing and its music can also be given where appropriate.  We do not need feeding or watering but we won't say no if it's offered.

For more information, email or call Liz Wozniak for personal service on 07900 838828