Our Dances

Some traditional, some of our own, some given freely by others, some "borrowed" from other sides.  All require the highest level of interpretation and skill which our dancers, all ex members of the Bolshoi Ballet, achieve with grace and poise.

Angletwitch arrangement to tune Trumpet Hornpipe
(Captain Pugwash to you)

Alexander Parks
Penned by Flagcrackers of Craven to the tune Three Jolly Black Sheepskins

Cuckoo's Nest
To the tune Fairy Dance

Fanny Frail
To the tune Three Around Three

Cotswold dance to the tune of British Grenadier

Mr Dolly
Penned by "Red Stags" to the tune of Rochdale Coconut

Roy Dommett
Angletwitch penned dance to tune of Hare of the Rabbit by Ben Woodward

The Hey
To a mashup of Walter Bulwar 1 @2

Pronounced "Poppleton". Traditional dance to Bluebell Polka

Ragged Crow
Penned by "Stone the Crows" to the tune of Portabello Hornpipe

Shepherds Hey (aka Happy Clappy)
To the tune Shepherds Hey

Tinners Rabbit
Penned by "Dartmoor/Murray Riggs" to the tune of Scotch Polka

Traditional dance to the tune of Jenny Lind

To the tune of Theme Vannitaise

Menage a Trois
Penned by Hot for Joe to the tune of Will's Way

Alice's Cat
Another Not for Joe dance to the tune of Portsmouth

Also from the Adelaide side to the tune LNB Polka

Drunken Idiot

To the tune of the same name (acc Bassett Street Hounds)


Albert Farmers Bonfire (acc Bourne Borderers)